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The company proved its excellence in construction quality, health & safety, and performance in all facets of mechanical contracting and fabrication with its exceptional record of quality performance, which can be traced among several commercial assignments undertaken for its many industrial clienteles. The company also has an extended list of well-served clients and an undisputed reputation for turnaround time, budget efficiency, and delivering beyond the promise.


Econ Engineering Constructors has also made a significant contribution in this Sector. The Company has executed approximately 120 Fired Heaters, Reformers & Crackers in all major Refineries, Petrochemical Complex and Oil & Gas Installations. ECONís core expertise lies in providing Turnkey Composite Construction Solutions for execution of Fired Heater Packages, Reformers & Crackers.


The Indian power sector is one of the most diversified sectors in the world. The demand for electricity in the country has been growing at a rapid rate and is expected to grow further in the years to come. In order to meet the increasing requirement of electricity, massive addition to the installed generating capacity in the country is required. The Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change that is redefining the industry outlook. Sustained economic growth continues to drive power demand in India. ECON is proud to have accomplished more than 45 Power Plant Projects, involving a variety of construction systems and covering every sector, be it Coal, Lignite or Gas based plants and has emerged as one of Nationís biggest contributors to Power Sector. ECONís expertise lies in Critical Piping, Mechanical and Structural Steel Construction for Boilers, Balance of Plant, TG Auxiliaries, Critical HP Piping, LP Piping, ESP as well as Commissioning Services.


Indiaīs cement industry is a vital part of its economy, providing employment to more than a million people, directly or indirectly. The industry is currently in a turnaround phase, trying to achieve global standards in production, safety, and energy-efficiency. India has a lot of potential for development in the Infrastructure and Construction sector and the Cement Sector is expected to largely benefit from it. A significant factor which aids the growth of this sector is the ready availability of the raw materials for making cement, such as limestone and coal. ECON is amongst the leading name in the field of Cement Plant construction and has executed more than 40 Cement Plants. The Company has following expertise in Cement Plant execution that includes Civil Works, Structural Works, Equipment Erection, Plate & Piping Works, Electrical & Instrumentation Work as well as Offsite Fabrication.


Fertilizer Plants : Agriculture continues to be the mainstay for around half of our population and fertilizers its chief driver. Petron Engineering Construction Limited, with its wide spectrum of work has been contributing to the nation handsomely in the sector. From planning to execution, it is the results that a project delivers which measure a groupīs credibility and with accomplishments like Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., Gadepan, Kota to its name, where it has successfully completed equipment and piping erection of Urea Plant, the group has become a name to reckon with.

Petrochemical Plants : The Indian Petrochemical Industry has been one of the fastest growing domestic Industries. This Industry provides the foundation of manufacturing Industries such as pharmaceuticals, construction, agriculture, textiles etc. Consequently this industry becomes an integral part of the energy value chain thereby becoming one of the major sectors of Indian Economy.


The Steel Sector in India exhibits significant economic importance due to rising demand by sectors such as Infrastructure, Real Estate in domestic as well as International markets. India is the fourth largest producer of crude steel and the largest producer of soft iron in the world.
ECON has significantly contributed in execution of major Steel Plants. Also the Company has complemented towards the execution of major Industrial Plants in sectors like Cement and Power and is also planning to foray and make a mark in the other sectors.

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